A touching story about a dog who saved a young boy’s life

A lovable bulldog in a life jacket has rescued a boy who nearly drowned at the mouth of a river in Australia.

The lovable dog swam to save the little boy who had been swept into the deepest part of the sea and was getting dangerously close to the big rocks.

According to the Daily Mail , Rex’s father, Johny, saw the boy in danger and immediately tried to encourage him to call Rex and grab the handle of the dog’s life jacket.

Before Rex came to Johny’s family, he was an abandoned kid. He spent his days outdoors and was never taken for walks, but when he arrived at the John’s house everything changed for the better in Rex’s life.

Now Rex lives indoors as part of the family. He enjoys sleeping in bed with his 10-year-old brother and of course going surfing.

Stories like Rex’s are always emotional and make us happy; there is no doubt that these adorable animals are our best friends and most faithful companions.

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