A Ukrainian zoo is considering eliminating animals for fear of them escaping

Alexander Feldman, organizer of the Feldman Ecopark in Ukraine, has reported the chance of euthanizing a few creatures.

The group of workers who keep on focusing on the creatures are attempting to move them, yet assuming that choice fizzles, the lions and tigers should be euthanized.

The creature walled in areas have been harmed by steady goes after in the city. Albeit a few spaces stay standing, the chance of creatures, like bears, getting away from the recreation area and it is probably going to enter the city.

As indicated by the Daily Mail , the zoo has worked indefatigably and has proactively figured out how to move a few creatures like kangaroos to other safe spots.

Their endeavors keep on emptying more creatures and stay away from a deadly destiny for them.

The zoo says its experts are thinking about giving a few creatures transitory convenience in Chutovo, in the Poltava locale of Ukraine.

Luckily, the backup of various associations and individuals has not been long in coming.

The Ecopark is getting the assistance it necessities to address what is happening and clear more creatures to safe places.

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