A well-known Ukrainian cat has raised $10,000 for animals impacted by the conflict

Stepan is an exceptionally famous feline on the Internet, who got away with his family from the Ukraine and is currently protected in France.

They have raised over £7,000 to help other conflict impacted creatures who have lost everything.

The 13-year-old dark-striped feline turned into a virtual entertainment sensation a couple of quite a while back, when a humorous video of him sitting close to a glass of red wine became famous online, generating images all over the planet.

From that point forward, Stepan has gotten a great deal of consideration from individuals everywhere, and his video has been partaken in many various forms, notwithstanding numerous different recordings and pictures of the adorable cat.

Sadly, the condo where Anna and Stepan resided was hit by shelling and they needed to stow away in a storm cellar for two evenings.

After this, they went for 20 hours via train to Lviv, in western Ukraine, where they were at long last ready to cross the line into Poland.

Anna declared on Stepan’s web-based entertainment that they had arrived at their raising money objective.

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