A wheelchair-bound cat and a three-legged dog are great friends. It’s so sweet to see them together

Bike is a feline who can’t utilize his rear legs and his mate Falco, likewise three, was found on the roads previously missing his leg.

The lovable pair have each experienced a great deal throughout everyday life, except fortunately they’ve had the option to find and share a permanent spot to settle down together.

Presently the pair love getting up to hijinks and frequently appreciate climbing, wrestling, and resting together.

They love to encounter the outside, and they are extremely audacious. At home, their #1 thing to do together is a wrestle, they could wrestle day in and day out.

‘They play together, yet just when Falco is in that frame of mind.

Rose Mary and Roy initially intended to simply cultivate Falco and assist him with seeing as another home.

Notwithstanding, they struggled with observing anybody able to take on a canine with three legs, so invited him into their home for all time with Scooter and their other feline Louis.

She added: ‘I don’t search for creatures, they track down me. I can never abandon them.

‘The youthful and solid ones generally get embraced, yet not the more seasoned ones.’

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