A woman discovers an elderly dog sleeping outside with a sweet note pinned above her bed

There really is nothing more satisfying than making a passerby smile. That’s why Jane, enjoys sitting outside her house every day and watching her villagers go by.

Everybody smiles when they see Jane and her tail, but their smiles grow even brighter when they read the signs above her face.

Jones, one of Jane’s neighbors, was strolling with her husband first noticed the sweet canine lying on her open air bed. When Jane saw the pair, she immediately jumped up.

Jones realized why as soon as got close enough to examine the sign.

I’m old and arthritic, but I still have lots of love to share,» one of the signs above Jones’s bed read. They decided to sit with Jane for five minutes before continuing their walk.

As the they stopped to pet Jane, her tail walloped back and forth in joy. The only thing that made her happier was seeing more of her neighbors pass by.

«She was wagging her tail at everyone who passed.» «She was also very delicate.»

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