A woman enters her room and discovers a passerby in her bed

Helen Evans was at home preparing to begin her work shift on a cold and cloudy morning in Britain when the silence of that hour of the morning was abruptly broken.

«My roommate started freaking out while I was in the cooking area getting my lunch ready for the day,» Evans said.

Her roommate had realized that the two weren’t all by themselves.Evans’ housemate had left a back entrance to their yard open a few minutes earlier.

A wild local was crossing by at the time. He clearly mistook the open door for a request to walk inside.

The animal was a fox. And he didn’t think twice about making himself at home. Evans discovered him cuddled in her bed, comforted to be out of the cold and drizzle. It came as quite a surprise:

Evans was obviously taken aback by the unexpected visitor. It all happened in a few minutes, but Evans will never forget it.

«A truly memorable meet. The whole thing was so strange because we’d never seen a fox about here before «She stated.

«If anything, it’s made me less afraid of them. Or maybe it’s just the adrenaline. But it was adorable!»

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