A woman makes friends with a wild crane who keeps knocking on her door

In an area in Florida, United States, occupants normally live unobtrusively with untamed life, in any event, passing on certain seeds to take care of the birds that successive the region.

In spite of the fact that taking care of the birds isn’t required since the area permits them to find food effectively, it very well may be valuable relying upon the season, and it has never been an issue, until this wild crane named Carl chose to show up.

Carl’s new standard is to go through each day visiting Autumn looking for seeds and a period of fun with his new companion.

Rather than holding up like different birds, Carl approaches the yard of the house and as a rule contacts the Ring camera or the entryway with his mouth to tell his new companion that she needs some food.

There is no question that Carl is a crane with a ton of character, and despite the fact that his emphasis on requesting some food can be irritating on occasion, Autumn loves him and is exceptionally content with this bond they have created after some time.

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