A woman quit her career to care for cats, and she has no regrets about it

A 58-year-elderly person, Kay Allen, has been really buckling down in the United Kingdom for a very long time.

Her work was depleting, very nearly 24 hours every day. Regardless of the administration of a whole mental help, the lady concluded the time had come to change.

In 2018, Kay left her previous work and opened a feline bistro called Whiskers and Cream. In this bistro, individuals can eat, drink espresso, unwind, play and associate with cats simultaneously.

«Two things I truly like are felines and food, particularly cakes. As far as I might be concerned, having my own feline espresso is awesome. I can now cook in a wonderful climate with my cherished felines.

Is there something else you can dream of? — concedes Kay.

Today, Whiskers and Cream is home to nine delightful felines: a Devon Rex named Trixie, a tricolor Molly, an Amelia, Maine Coons Jack and Jasper, a Winnie dark feline, an Artie, an Oscar and a short-haired Vanilla.

She jumps at the chance to cook, deal with felines and oversee espresso. Kay is certain about the future and doesn’t expect to become complacent.

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