A woman’s hide-and-seek game with her dog does not go as organized

Clie decided to play hide-and-seek with her dog, Mek, the other day while spending time at home. They both enjoy playing it on occasion.

Mek did not anticipate that someone else would find her first.Clie put up a camera and found a hiding spot from underneath some pillows along a wall.

The game had begun.

At the same time, another player — a cat, Ghost — unknowingly joined the chase for her. Ghost found her with a relaxed leap onto the blanket just underneath him.

Clie said, «I don’t think Ghost realized I was hiding.» «With the first jump, he touched down on my neck, then came down and touched my face.»

«From under the blanket, I was completely perplexed.» «I was laughing so hard I was weeping,» she admitted.

Following that, the game of hide-and-seek came to an end, one that was more unforgettable than most.

Despite the brief scare for Ghost and Mek, it was soon time to move on to the next enjoyment. «They rolled around like usual after that,» she said. «We always have fun together.»

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