According to a source, King Charles «detains Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace after the incident and will no be permitted anymore to have an office in the building.»

According to a source, King Charlees has probably kicked Prince Andreew away from the monarch’s fold and decided to tell him he’s on his own in the aftermath of the controversy involving his affiliations with the late pedofile funder Jeffery Epstein.

Based on a new report in The Sun, the Duke of York was told not to use Buckingham Palace as a commercial space, successfully detaching his last link to his former life as an able to work royal.

‘Any existence at the Palace is formally over,’ according to a source. ‘The King has made it perfectly clear. He’s not a real royal. He’s all alone.’

Andrew, 61, will be unable to just use location for future dealings as a result of the King’s choice.

The small crew that had been maintained since he retired from government service over 3 years ago is now supposedly facing layoffs.

The Princes of Wales will also be elevated to her first Army possition, having taken over like the commanding officer of the Irish Guard from her husband.

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