After a year away, a dog and a cat reunite and have the sweetest homecoming

Once Porter agreed to look after Audrey, a cat she’d helped foster a year before, she was overjoyed at the possibility to see her old friend once more. But she wasn’t sure how her dog, would behave.

Porter wasn’t sure if Lenny would recognize Audrey after so many years because they had connected while Audrey was a foster child. Porter, it turned out, didn’t have to be concerned.

«I might tell she identified her best friend right away.»

Lenny began flailing her tail as soon as she saw Audrey through the door. She recognized her friend and was overjoyed.

Audrey was adopted into her permanent family after 4 months of friendship, and Lenny was heartbreaking to see her buddy go.

Lenny had no idea Audrey had been adopted by someone in neighborhood. When Audrey’s new family took a vacation, they asked Porter, who knew Audrey so well, to keep an eye on her.

So they demonstrate that when it comes to closest friends, it doesn’t matter how much time goes — if you’re together, it definitely feels the same.

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