After being brought on stage by Dave Chappelle in San Francisco, Elon Musk was encountered with deafening cheers and applause and jeers

After introducing Elon Musk on stage, Dave Chappele did not receive the reaction he had hoped for.

Upon introducing out all the Twiter holder whilst also conducting at the Chase Centre in San Francisco on Weekend, the performer was met with crazy one.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, raise your voices for the richest individual on the planet,’ Chappelle, 48, remarked, before Musk, 50, astonished the viewers by strolling onto the stage with his hands in the air.

As Musk feted approximately waving, the audience cheered in deafening heckling.

‘I observe claps and loud cheers,’ Chappelle noted. ‘You weren’t awaiting that, were you?’

‘It makes it sound like a few of the people who were dismissed are in the viewer,’ Chappelle joked, referring to news stories that Musk fired an amount of Twitter staff for criticizing him on internal job comment boards.

Whereas the audience laughed, the hostile outcome to Musk’s rare appearance was overwelming, with Musk merely apearing on stage, grinning and shaking his head.

Somebody said it was’ fantastic’ to see Musk being taunted so noisily that he couldn’t say anything.

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