After surgery, a previously blind dog is overjoyed of seeing his father’s face once more

This dog had been living in a foggy world over many months. What started out as a minor case of eye problems in both of Billy’s eyes progressed to the point where he couldn’t see anything.

Billy had gone blind, and it had had an effect on him. «He became calmer, afraid of bouncing into furniture.»

«He couldn’t run to welcome his owner when he got home, and he has always loved to welcome him.»

Amare is a veterinary ophthalmologist who specializes in dog eyes. Last week, a consultation for the procedure was set up after advising with Billy’s father.

Things changed at that point. The curtain that had been drawn over Billy’s entire world was unexpectedly raised. «He showed positive signs right after the operation,» Amare said.

For the first time in several months, Billy could actually see the man whose face he’d been lacking the most. His once-ferocious spirit flowered once more.

«He completely changed,» Amare said. «There was so much happiness. It is now completely a sanctuary of warmth and love where his soul can surely grow.

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