After watching Tutorials on youtube, an employee constructs his own renewal, saving £35,000 in total

Scott Baggaley, 31, saved £36,000 after building a residence extension by himself using Tutorials on YouTube. The new father and his girlfriend bought their first estate, a ‘doer upper’, in 2020.

Scot was surprised after buying or quite to be referenced £46,000 for the cost of constructing an extension at the back of the property.

He also had difficulty finding any locally available tradespeople. As a consequence, he made the decision to tackle the task personally and asked for advice on social networks.

‘So because industry was preoccupied, the tradesmen were overbooked up, so I began learning from YouTube and collected skills there,’ said the 31-year-old.

‘The most challenging part was balancing my time between my nine-to-five job and my fiancee, who had given birth to our son.’

He as well hired construction companies to ensure that his work was legal and accurate. Scot’s first major challenge came when he began working on the ceiling, which he acknowledges was intimidating.

‘Once I began the ceiling, that’s when it ended up getting difficult without skilled professionals,’ the father added. Conducting roof tiles is a skilled profession.

‘I was afraid to go outdoors because I had no idea what I’d conducting.’

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