Aiden, Sir Rod Stewart’s 12-year-old son, was taken to the hospital raising fears of a heart attack

Rod Stewvart has spoken out about the scary moment he assumed his son had heart problems.

The 78-year-old popstar raced his son Aidn, 12, to the clinic once he imploded throughout a sporting event.

Aiden is Sir Rod’s younger son with wife Peny Lancastr, and the pair also has a 17-year-old boy. The worrisome accident happened while Aiden was engaged in a game, but the proper time is unknown.

‘He was turning blue and was unconscious till he settled down,’ the musician clarified to FourFourTwo magazine. It was disturbing, but it was just a panic attack.

‘The boy would want to do well for his father and yanked on the Hoops in Scotland.’ One other boy fell down and bumped his head; he has still been lacking.

It was the only moment emergency vehicles were named in my lifetime of watching a game.’

Aiden isn’t Sir Rod’s only baby to have had a medical problem recent times; his older son Sean was taken to the hospital after becoming hit by a vehicle in September.

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