All the animals that travel cross this log are captured by a hidden camera. They’re very wonderful creatures

Since the time he was a youngster, Robert has been intrigued by the untamed life surrounding him, and in 2010, he chose to fire setting up secret cameras close to his home to catch film of the creatures he cherishes carrying on with their lives in their normal territories.

«I began doing the camera with my dad, it was a way for us to hang out since we both are generally occupied and both are outdoorsmen. «He showed me natural life trails and tracks when I was a youngster.»

Regardless of their disparities, every sort of creature under the sun has utilized the log to cross the stream, from ducks … to bears.

Bramble has caught such countless various creatures since setting up the camera by the fallen log, and positively has a few cool stories to tell now.

Bramble loves having the option to catch these creatures approaching their day to day routines, and the recording he gets gives us each of a brief look into exactly the way in which extraordinary nature truly is.

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