An 11-year-old boy put his life at risk to save a dog

This kid is just 11 years of age, yet he is a commendable good example. Seldom anybody these days can act the hero when they see an animal in a powerless state.

The kid lives in the Brazilian city. Strolling down the road, Jean Fernandez, which is the name of our legend, saw how the pup was hit by a vehicle and he ran right on the street to help him.

It is critical that there were number of grown-ups close by who didn’t risk doing this, and the person allowed the creature a subsequent opportunity.

From that point onward, Jean himself took the pup to the vet, where he was given the primary vital consideration and recommended ensuing treatment.

Be that as it may, for this situation, the pup was fortunate thanks to an exceptionally youthful legend.

Hopefully that there will be more individuals who won’t leave our four-legged companions in a tough situation and such cases are continuous.

So please take care of our lovely creatures.

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