Are the prettiest seals shy around the camera in any way?

The 29-year-old occupant of the Australian city of Perth has been plunging for a considerable length of time and speaking with different sea occupants.

In the mean time, seals have turned into his closest companions — they present unafraid for the person before the camera, they actually remember him!

Dylan DeHaas, 29, lives in Perth, Australia. He has been plunging for five years at this point and likes to associate with sea inhabitants, including seals. In the mean time, the person has previously become companions with them.

As of late, Dylan showed lovely submerged photographs of his dearest companions — they present in a pleasant manner and don’t hold back a little to utilize the camera.

As indicated by the person, the mystery is to keep even-tempered and not make unexpected developments close to the seals.

«Sealers remember me submerged and go ahead and the cameras.

They are exceptionally inquisitive creatures, however they can likewise be enthusiastic safeguards of their region — so I don’t prescribe swimming to them assuming you have no insight, «says Dylan.

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