Argentina’s World Cup in Qatar was filled with surprises, emotional outbursts, and a fairy story ending for Messi

Who did we like and dislike in Qatar? Lionel Messi is the man of the hour.

You’d be delusory if you ignored Argentina’s beloved superstar. The 35-year-old lighted Qatar and deservedly won the World Cup on his fifth try.

Argentina has the best team. The champions take it all, including this. Lionel Scalon assembled a team centered on Messi, and it continued to work.

It could have captured until his mid-30s for the fantastic forward to find the right cast of characters in order to win the main prize of all.

Kylian Mbappe is the best player. Messi was the event’s star, but his PSG teammate was its best player, and he did not deserve to lose in the final. Mbappe’s one-man task to maintain the piece of silverware in France was impressive.

A mystical player to keep an eye on. Cristiano Ronaldo sheds the most tears.

Oh, there are so many candidates. The joy, the agony, and the elation. Suarez, Luis.Following Portugal’s suprise quarter-final loss to Morocco, Ronaldo broke down in tears his way off the field.

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