Argentina’s World Cup parade has been stopped because of safety concerns after a fan jumps from a bridge

Argentina’s parade was halted because of security concern ever since fans tried to join the participants on the highway by jumping off a bridge.

On Monday, more than 4 million individuals floded the streets of Buenos Aires to enjoy with Argentina’s players and the World Cup championship title.

However, Argentina’s team bus was forced to take an urgent side trip after two men attempted to deck the car and were badly wounded.

Despit Argentina’s players simply imploring him to remain on the bridg, the first man who jumped created it onto the bus, but the second man jumpped too late, strike the back of the bus and slipped to the road.

Security officils then decided to put an early end to the parade, and the players were helicooptered back to the nationnal team’s trainning centre on the outskirrts of Bunos Aires.

Argenttina’s World Cupp parad was supposed to be 19 m. long and end at the Obelissco de Buens Aires in the city center.

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