As stray cats and dogs, Romeo and Juliet have fallen in love and are now looking for a home together

Romeo the feline and Juliet the canine aren’t the likeliest of couples — yet that doesn’t mean their adoration isn’t genuine.

Romeo is a ginger dark-striped feline. Juliet is a smaller than usual schnauzer. They were both taken in Animal Care after they were tracked down stowing away under a vehicle and cuddling up together.

The pair had been living in the city as strays, and would not be isolated when they were gotten to the asylum.

Also, indeed, the haven attempted to keep them separated.

Felines and canines normally live in completely different areas of the office. However, when staff attempted to put Romeo and Juliet in various regions, the creatures became miserable.

So chips in made an extraordinary nook only for the pair, where they could hang out together the entire day and cuddle up in a similar bed around evening time.

Staff are presently frantically searching for a family who’d be in the mood for taking on both Romeo and Juliet, as it’s basically impossible that one can appreciate tracking down a permanent spot to live without the other close by.

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