At 2 a.m., a man hears noises and discovers a confused guest in the dark

Chris and his partner were deeply asleep when they were startled eyes open by strange sounds. It was 2 o’clock in the morning, which is not the best time to hear odd sound.

They soon discovered they weren’t alone as they looked around sleepily.

«My first thought was that somebody was in the room. Someone had broken in and was keeping an eye on us.»

In the shadows, an animal of some kind was lurking. The couple used their devices to put a spotlight around the house.

«He ran up the mirror, trying to climb higher,» Chris explained. «He continued to look away, avoiding me.»

As the rodent ran around their bedroom, the couple found it difficult for a while to figure out how to get him successfully outside again.

Finally, he sprinted out the window, mentioning how he got inside in the first place.

Chris and his partner had not expected having to deal with a rodent running around their bedroom at 2 a.m., and it appeared that the rodent had not either.

They enjoyed meeting their new friend, but they will most likely keep their windows shut at night starting now.

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