At Edinburgh Zoo, a cute newborn pygmy hippo was born

An imperiled child dwarf hippo has been brought into the world at Zoo.

The small calf simply 5.5kg when she was conceived last week and is currently going on show to people in general.

Brought into the world to guardians Otto and Gloria, she has developed to 8.5kg in half a month.

Animal handler said: ‘Our fresh debut is doing all around well and is developing further and more sure consistently.

‘As she is still so youthful, we are restricting opening times and numbers in our indoor survey region to give the calf and mum a chance to become accustomed to guests.

‘The initial 30 days are basic for her turn of events, so we’ll watch out for them both at this touchy time and plan to name her before very long.’

Jonny added: ‘It has been incredible to have the option to invite our great guests back to the zoo and trust soon they can recognize our small calf.

‘Each visit helps care for our astounding creatures, similar to our dwarf, and safeguards species across the world.’

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