Baby rescue elephant runs over to hug new friend

Chad closely examined her new circumstances when she arrived at Park. If she was seriously concerned, she didn’t have to be for long.

Before Chad knew it, another baby animal, Este, had come over to comfort him by linking their trunks. «It was as if Este was telling, ‘Welcome home!’

«We realized they’d be the greatest of friends right away!» Elephants often hug by enclosing their trunks together. These affectionate displays like a living person hug, are intended to express love and encouragement.

Chad and Este began cuddling frequently as their relationship grew. «They’re always conversing through voices and contact,» Morgan explained.

«When one of the babies gets separated from her friend, the other will directly notify for her to return… Their friendship is pure and unconditional.

It’s something we can all take lessons from, and it’s incredibly deeply moving to see.» Morgan described the elephants as «gentle, full of love, and lively.»

«We affectionately refer to them as ‘double trouble.’ They are indistinguishable, always playing and making trouble together — as they ought to!»

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