Bear, who was so unhappy and alone that she lost her fur, is now flourishing

A captive-raised bear was released into the wild about 7 years ago.

She’d been taken as a baby creature and sold to a traveling circus, then a zoo, where she spent almost all of her time in a tiny enclosure observing opportunity pass her by until Animal Defenders intervened and relocated her to a wildlife sanctuary in the rainforest.

But, even before that, the bear lost all of her hair because of stress and loneliness.

Since then, a lot has changed, and no one is happier than Kolita. «We were so concerned about her health during her trip so they built an oxygen concentrator for her at flight level.»

«After 7 years, you can see how much she has flourished in her natural environment.» The soft bear has been a common feature on ADI’s sites, gaining a lot of people from all over the world.

Kholita’s fans adore seeing her relaxing in a forest enclosure, canyon, water, or lovely sleeping area.

He is where he should be, enjoying every moment of his life.

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