Beaver is captured by a man who has something surprising in his mouth

Mateo, a wildlife photographer, has pictured thousands of creatures over the years. He is particularly fond of photographing beavers in the river valley Ontario, and the amazing way they use perfume for survival.

Mateo usually tries to capture creatures doing their daily activities, such as eating and pampering.

But he’s more eager to catch them as they define their territory with small mud piles called scent mounds that they obtain from the riverbank.

They can notify other beavers not to enter their protected space by placing these small mounds along the corners of their land and spraying them with scent.

«As soon as the beaver run out of the water, I noticed he was holding a large bag,» Mateo said. «However, the majority of what this beaver had was trash.»

Mateo normally avoids posting wildlife photos with waste, but when he noticed the beaver using river waste, he realised he had to share it.

«I decided to share the picture in the wish that it could give some people reason and make them think, ‘Perhaps we’ve got to do better,'» Mateo explained.

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