Because of his appearance, no one wants to adopt this cat

Lawrence showed up in the consideration ocenter a year prior subsequent to being seen as a wanderer.

He had a physical issue over his right eye that expected a medical procedure, and whenever he was recuperated, his heros saw that his wounds left him with a deformed eye and a fascinating look.

Presently, the sweet feline generally looks somewhat dubious. His disparities make him look considerably more charming.

His companions at the safe house are trusting that soon enough, somebody will turn enamored with his sweet face and acknowledge him for precisely what his identity is.

Lawrence is at present with a temporary family who has children, and he could without much of a stretch live with kids again in his permanent spot to settle down.

He’s searching for a home that isn’t excessively tumultuous and would adore a yard where he can lay down for rests in the sun.

He loves to investigate, play with ping-pong balls and spend time with his loved ones.

He’s in general a great time, and his heros know the right family for him is who knows where.

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