Beloved shelter dog is overjoyed to walk down the red carpet into the arms of new mom

Only one out of every odd shelter little guy gets an honorary pathway farewell in the wake of being taken on. Be that as it may, for Bowie the shepherd blend — who’d went through more than a year looking his eternity family — it was the most fitting goodbye his companions at WHS could imagine.

Bowie was a superstar among staff individuals from his absolute first day, when he immediately won the hearts of each and every worker and volunteer who worked at the salvage.

About a year into Bowie’s visit at WHS, a neighborhood understudy tracked down his story via virtual entertainment and began tracking.

WHS laborers unrolled a long honorary pathway from the pet hotels to the entryway only for Bowie.

They made extraordinary signs only for himself and arranged around the floor covering to wish their old buddy one last goodbye.

«Everybody was in tears, yet we were all so energized and only so glad for him,» Merrill said. «It was a truly sweet way for us to have the option to express farewell to Bowie.»

To assist canines with preferring Bowie get the consideration they need, make a gift to Whatcom Empathetic Culture.

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