BMW employee fired after going to Burger King during his lunch hour

After already being fired for heading to Burge King during his lunch hour, a BMW production worker managed to win £15,000.

During an extra pay shift at a BMW production plant in Oxford, Ryan Parkinson stopped by the quick eatery for around an hour.

When he returned, his chiefs chastised him for not informing them that he had timed out for lunch, even though Parkison continued to insist he had.

Parkison was fired by GIi Group, a temporary staffing agency, before being reinstated after an allure.

Parkison taken to court GI Group for wrongful termination after being dismised again for having left the production plant site without informing supervisor.

‘(GIi Group) did not look into the claims by (Mr Parkinson) and his exchange union officials that this was a common practice completed during rest breaks by large numbers of other staff,’ Job Jury Stephen Vowles said.

‘There was no proof of any procedure used by (GI Group) for receiving consent to leave the location or notifying a manager of such exit, nor was any of that kind approval or notiify recorded.’

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