Brad Pitt admits to desiring a kiss with Margot Robbie in Babylon

Brad Pit conceded that sharing an up on screen kiss with Margoot Robie in the new documentary Babylon was his concept.

The 58-year-old actually admited that he may have directed writers and producers toward a co-star kiss because he wanted to avoid missing out on his chance to kiss the blonde beauty.

While in an interview held on Monday, he was upfront about the fact that the kiss was an additional requirement first from Troy actor.

Once questioned regarding his intimate act with Margot, Brad told The Project’s people: ‘No, that wasn’t included in the screenplay.

I had questioned if we could start writing it in.’I could perhaps add that Nelie (Margot’s character) kisses seventeen individuals in this film,’ the Australian beauty added, then after her co-star made jokes that the persona was likely susceptible to getting sexually transmited diseases.

The two are no unfamiliar each other, having worked together on Quentin Tarantno’s Once Upon A Time… In Film industry, nevertheless, this movie is the first moment they have straight operated along with one another.

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