Breaking Royal Family News! Harry ‘blames himself for the disunity between Meghan Markle and Thomas Markle’

Hary has admitted that he is to held responsible for Megan’s tiff with her dad, Thomas Markle, because ‘if Meg wasn’t with me, her father would still have been her father.’

They reflected on events that led up to their wedding in incident 3 of their surprising Netflix documentary series, which was released recently, actually results in a broken relationship with her father, 79.

Meghan locates the instant when their connection ‘started to unravel’ just days before their marriage.

In a meeting with Netflix, the royal defined how her dad, a former director, became deeply involved in a controversy after it was disclosed that he set up photos and managed to sell them for a disclosed $100,000.

Shortly after, Mark had a heart attack and revealed that he would not be able to come his daughter’s wedding, which was only a few days away.

Megan began the segment by informing Netflix that week before her wedding, she got a notification from Jason, saying that a’story is starting to appear out tomorrow that your dad has been trying to stage photo and accepting cash from the press.’

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