Camera captures pit bull saving her companion from flooding in pool

It can have the greatest impact in the universe to have a friend who has your back.

Just ask Pulam. Pulam was hiding out with his dog siblings at home, when he made a small mistake that almost led to a major disaster.

Pulam slipped and fell into the pool. He swam as tricky as he could with his little paws, but it soon became obvious that he wouldn’t be able to escape on his own.

Pulam was in risk of sinking.The holders of the dogs were present at the moment.They hurried outside when they noticed soaking, only to find Atena had already saved Pulam.

«It was quite worrisome. «However, thanks to her and to God, Pulam was saved.» «Atena is devoted to and defensive of her siblings.» She is one of a kind.»

Atena’s defensive and loving instincts had saved the day. Despite the fact that this was the 1 time that happened, she decided to take make so to prevent the other trouble.

«We’re thinking about having some fencing around the pool,» she mentioned. «This will not occur again.» «We adore our pets.»

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