Can a cat experience «maternal happiness»?

In our era, young women began to consider the phrase «the pleasure of becoming a mother,» which has taken on a very complex emotional meaning.

And it’s strange to imagine that animals experience the «happiness of maternity» in the same way that humans do.

This is a common misunderstanding. They listen to the voice of instinct. As a result, happiness is out of the question. Furthermore, some people believe that interfering with nature is illegal.

The receptors that produce the sexual hormones are removed during sterilization. There is no need for offspring if there are no hormones.

Some people believe that preventing propagation causes cancer. This is a myth, because cancer affects living organisms even when the reproductive role is active.

But the phrase «maternal happiness» in relation to an animal surprised me the most.

Even if cats have a healthy maternal instinct, this does not imply that they are satisfied. So think twice before subjecting your cat to motherhood.

Neutered cats live longer, are sick less frequently, and are much more satisfied.

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