Cat drops completely in love with a mysterious new Halloween decoration

Roger is an incredibly social cat, particularly for a cat, and he enjoys meeting new people. He briefly met somebody who quickly became his closest buddy — and it took his family by amazement.

Roger’s mother was shopping when she came across a bone cat Festive decoration and picked up it.

Halloween is her favorite event, and she enjoys decorating, and what best option to do this than with something recognizing her feline pals?

She brought the cat home and was trying to decide where to put it, but she thought it would be interesting to show it to Roger first and see how he responded.

After a few seconds, he was licking it. Roger now spends each day with his bone pal. His mother keeps it in her workplace, which is where he spends much of his day, so it’s always near him and keeps him company.

She had no idea the bone cat would become such a landmark in the house, and it’s now a lot more than a Halloween décor.

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