Cat is overjoyed to see rescuers after being stuck 60 feet in the air for two weeks

Clide didn’t intend for things to turn out this way. When the indoor feline became afraid, he locked outside before he could decide what to do next.

The kitty sprinted for safety in unfamiliar territory and ended up someplace he never expected — at the top of a 60-foot of tree.

Fortunately for Clide, a trained plant climber clearly knew how to assist him.Clide’s blurry cries were heard from far. Oto could feel the friendly cat’s relief when he finally saw Clide’s face.

«He was overjoyed to see me,» Otto said.»We are so thankful to have discovered him,» the rescue group said in a Facebook comment about Clide.

Oto, who has 2 rescue cats, understands how difficult it can be when your family pet is in difficulties. He was overjoyed to see Clide reconnect with his lovable family.

«It’s always pretty amazing to see a family welcomed by a missing cat,» Oto said.

After all is said and done, Clide should have a great admiration for the security he has.

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