Children are ‘in tears after just being faced by Santa.’ during the Christmas festival

After atending a’shambls’ Xmas festival, kids were left in tears.

Having followed the Delightful event at Balgon Estate in East Caithness, Scotland, refund have been approved.

Children and their parents slogged through sludge to see a variety of unimpressive holiday sights. As a celebratory parents treat, the incident vowed a cold weather bonanza.

However, it was planned by those who had paid for concert tickets.

Mom and dad used social media to express their displeasure with the sludge at the site, adding that their children were left in tears after already being faced by a handler Santa.

A trip to observe a true Santa cost an additional £15 per child, which annoyed parents.

Guests also asserted that a’maze’ at the location consisted of only hay bales, that several zones had been converted into a ‘mire,’ and that a festival was held in a ‘grains shed’.

Following the outpouring of critique, event organizers Enchanted Festivals have canceled the event. Those who had tickets will be automatically refunded.

‘We are sad to reveal the shutdown of Magical Balgon following disheartening input from some visitors,’ said Enchantd Festivals in a declaration.

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