Children, welcome to the limelight! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick bring children to the Broadway premiere of Some Like It Hot for a special ceremony family event

The 58-year-old actress from And Just Like That… wore a lengthy white marmot jacket above an elegant blue gown, glinting beneath the red carpet lamps.

She started walking in bright white high heeled shoes and wore a few thick diamond earrings.

The Sex and the City spin-off made its debut earlier in the year and, with 10 episodes in its first period. It was completed in February.

Her husband, Feris Bueler’s Day Off star John Travolta, sported a blue plaid jacket over a black turteneck.

The dynamic duo, who has been married for 25 years, mostly have kept their kids away from the limelight, but now they are older, they every once in a while carry them along through red carpet events.

A number of other famous people, including Uma Thurman, managed to bring their children to the opening night.

The Kill Bil actress, 53, wore a jacket over a conservative black gown, while her 11-year-old daughter started wearing a lined with a gray top.

Bete Mider, 78, protected most of her black top with a large blue and purple scarves.

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