Deer makes a friendly visit to a family who raised him as a baby

Meet Oakle, an incredibly cute deer with greater friends. Since he’s now a self-sufficient deer, Oakle once required some assistance learning how to care for himself.

So Oakle chose to pay a visit to his special friend to express his gratitude in the cutest way possible.

Oakle, as a young baby deer, required special care and would not be able to live in the wild on his own.

Fortunately, Travit and his wife, discovered Oakle decided to nurse him to recovery. «This is Oakle.» «He was a lost deer that my wife raised like a baby.»

«I hadn’t met him in several years until he accidentally stepped behind me tonight as I was walking my land,» the post continued. «He clearly recognized me and realized I wasn’t a serious risk.» Environment is incredible!»

Oakle expresses his appreciation by allowing Travit to pet him and even licking Travit’s arm with adoration.

It’s obvious that the 2 have a special bond. Oakle remembers such a kind individuals who rescued him more than a year later. What a lovely way to express gratitude.

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