Derrick, a large donkey, may set a new world record

On the off chance that, similar to us, you loved incredibly enormous cow Knickers, we think you’ll like Derrick.

Derrick is a jackass. An especially heavy jackass.

He gauges in at 16.3 hands tall, making him around 5ft 7 inches — only one inch in private for the biggest jackass on the planet.

Dissimilar to Romulus, Derrick is as yet developing. His proprietors say he’ll effectively turn into a world record holder for being the world’s greatest jackass. We have faith in him.

Derrick as of now inhabits Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary in Lincolnshire, and gos through his days playing with other ordinary size jackasses and his human buddies.

Asylum proprietor Tracy Garton said: ‘He was generally enormous, he was huge when he was conceived.

‘He hasn’t gotten done with developing at this point, they quit developing when they arrive at seven years of age. So he actually has a ton of time.

‘Derrick is incredibly amicable. He’s very much like a major canine, pursues you around constantly and needs to be close by.’

At the point when Derrick arrives at seven years and quits developing, Tracy will call Guinness World Records.

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