Dog insists on swimming with dad for the loveliest reason

In the Netherlands, Naro enjoys going on excursions with his parents. The lovely pup is always up for an adventure, whether it’s trekking or water sports.

Even the most adventurous seekers are afraid at times, – particularly when there is water involved.

So, when Naro is worried, his father endorses him in the greatest way he knows how: by giving him a big hug.

Alex believes Naro enjoys cuddling because he wishes to feel safe, ensure the safety of his family, and, well, he just enjoys being adored.

«Naro enjoys and excels at swimming, but he feels greatest safe when he is close one of us.»

«He despises it when one of us is far apart in the water, particularly when swimming, because he believes we’re under risk.» We hug a lot, and I believe it makes him feel secure.»

When he’s not swimming, the softly, curiosity dog likes to play pick and examine the big world round him. «He enjoys watching everybody and everything,» Alex explained.

«He is a very social who gets with everybody. «We’re truly inseparable,» Alex stated. «I adore him… you might say he is simply my dream come true!»

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