Dog keeps an eye on the couple next door. What is the reason for this?

No mystery canines give pleasure to the existences of their proprietors like not many different things at any point can — yet the adoration and warmth of a decent puppy isn’t generally restricted to their families alone.

Simply ask this accommodating canine named Tubs.

Tubs lives in Australia, where she spends a lot of her day cheerfully in the front yard. That, obviously, is where the activities is.

As individuals pass by on the walkway just past the wall, little Tubs races to welcome them — a practice she’s developed to adore.

Among those standard guests is a youthful neighbor couple who generally stops to pet Tubs over the wall while out on their strolls.

Also, it’s from that vantage point that the well disposed canine has straightforwardly seen their relationship bloom.

The video montage shows how Tubs has been a cute apparatus in the existences of individuals who could some way or another be outsiders — even as their own family develops.

Furthermore, with any karma, Tubs will be there to get a pat from the little hands of the future, as well. Obviously, she just can hardly pause.

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