Dog requests that his family take him to his favorite location — can you guess where that is?

Ben enjoys traveling. The adorable dog can’t wait to climb into the car and travel anywhere. But there is one spot he prefers over all others.

So when Ben realizes he’s would go to the vet, he can’t help but express his delight. «I asked Ben if he wished to go to the vet.»

«He starts whining when he understands he’s there for an exam.» I’m not sure why Ben enjoys going there.»

After some idea, Tony realized Ben is most likely awaiting an extra night at the vet, which could explain why he lights up.

«It’s a pretty tiny clinic, so they all know him,» Tony explained. Ben makes everyone happy, if he’s at the vet, on the main road, or at home.

But the very nice boy came into his family’s life entirely by chance. «I have an autistic brother, and when we were children, we had a Lab named Ben,» Tony explained. «My brother insisted on having another Lab — Ben

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