Dog tries to keep the new kitten hidden from the rest of the family so that no one else can play with him

Collen and her family chose to embrace a little cat whom they chose to call Casper, and albeit the family didn’t know how their canines would respond, they chose to face challenges.

They say that their pitbull appreciates dealing with little creatures, yet what they didn’t expect was that when their other creature, Rex, met Casper, everything was all consuming, instant adoration.

Rex is more youthful than Minnie, and appreciates running and playing.

All along, he and Casper demonstrated to have a very much like energy, the two of them partake in playing and cuddling up together the entire day.

Obviously, Rex loves Casper such a lot of that he would have rather not imparted it to any other individual, and since he originally got back home he concluded that they would be dearest companions.

Truly when Rex and Casper met, they quickly became deep rooted closest companions and keep an unique bond that will doubtlessly endure after some time, and obviously, the entire family is exceptionally blissful and eager to have the option to see them become together.

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