Eve is appreciative for The Talk but has no regrets about leaving to have her first child

Eve isn’t searching back after leaving The Talk to start a family with her first baby previously this year.

In Feb, the rapper gave birth to her 1 child, Alex Somers Coper, with husband Maximilion Cooper, 51.

She was already the stepmother to Maximilion’s 3 kids from a previous relationship, so she’s no stranger to the role of loving mother.

It came nearly 2 years after Eve, 44, revealed her departure from US chat show The Talk to focus on her family with Max, and it was unquestionably the right decision for the performer, who became pregnant last year.

‘No,’ Eve said, Listen, I’m remarkably grateful for this chance. It assisted me get through a difficult period in my life.

‘I worked there for 3 years, and it certainly helped me overcome a difficult time in my life.’ But then every period occurs for a reason, and I completely believe that.’

It’s no mystery that Eve believes like an entirely different individual these days after proceeding through the existence occasion of being a mother.

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