Every day, a cow tries to break into the house for the kindest reason

Corey wondered if he’d closed his windows when he heard an unusual beating against his door in the middle of the night. It might have been anybody really attempting to get into his home.

Corey only needed a few periods of sleepy-eyed clearness to figure out who the actual cause was.

Corey described how he «got up to the loud sound of clanging,» climbed out of bed and «forced to see what was heading on» in an Instagram post.

But the founder of animal sanctuary recognized it as his salvage cow Jena demanding cuddles.

«Jena casts every day, numerous times every day.» «If we’re eating or hanging out, she’ll come to the window and look directly to let us know she’s here already.»

The habit started when the cow was several months old and has since progressed into one of her favourite hobbies, based on what she desires.

«She understands she is loved, secure, and adored,» Corey said. «I can’t imagine my life without her.» Every day, I look forward to seeing her.

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