Every day, a kind dog waiting patiently in the garden to give a special gift to a friend

Maise enjoys lying on the front grass and taking comfort in the sun. But the 4-year-old golden retriever isn’t just out for a walk.

She has a very special person she is looking forward to seeing, and she frequently even has a gift for him.

Maise chooses the ideal spot in the garden close to her house every morning until a neighbor man Called Tony approaches with his walker.

The 2 have formed an unusual bond that began during Tony’s daily walks.»Tony and I have been friends for a long time,» Spelman explained.

«I would frequently call the retiree home to check on him after not seeing him walk because of the weather.

Maise made her own schedule in expectation of seeing Tony now that he can get around on his own.

«I adore their relationships,» Spelman said. «Watching Tony and Maise’s videos brings people far more happiness.»

Whatever each day brings for Maise, she takes comfort in the fact she’ll see her good friend again soon. And it will always be the ideal moment, with or without the leaves gifts.

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