Every day, a stray dog walks alone to the train station. Let’s see why

Meet Boji — a lost canine who’s giving pleasure to suburbanites consistently.

A short time back, Istanbul’s public transportation office saw a big, earthy colored canine riding the transports, cable cars, trams and ships.

It’s something to that effect he knows where to go and has a reason.» In mid-August, public travel authorities got Boji and carried him to a vet for a wellbeing check.

Boji additionally got a computer chip which is associated with a versatile application, permitting the Metro Istanbul client relations division to monitor his whereabouts and prosperity.

Boji’s incessant voyages have made him a superstar on open travel.

At the point when he’s not resting on a cable car seat, hurrying to get a train, or partaking in the breeze on the ship, he’s generally glad to model for selfies with workers and get loads of pets and treats.

Boji visits something like 29 stations and voyages 18 miles daily around the city, expressing howdy to his revering fans en route.

While most workers can hardly hold on to get off the metro or transport, for Boji, it’s where he’s generally agreeable.

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