Every day, a wombat wait patiently at the rescuer’s feet for the cutest reason

Beth never starts her day alone. There’s always a small companion by her side, ready to keep her company.

Beth is the founder of Wombat Organisation, which provides a safe haven for wombats that cannot survive in the wild.

Isy was found hungry and alone by the animal activist about a year ago while looking around Australia.

Severe climate change has made it very difficult for many species, as well as wombats, to survive in the region over the last decade.

Beth quickly realized that the little wombat couldn’t make it without her and needed her assistance.

Secure at the shelter, Isy quickly became attached to Beth and wanted to accompany her everywhere she went, so Beth devised a workable alternative.

«We have a large shelter, and I didn’t want to leave Isy alone when she obviously needed love,» Beth explained.

«So I chose to carry her in something like a baby baby carrier.» Isy now patiently waits at Beth’s’ feet every day until it’s time for about there walk.

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