Every morning, a kind postman brings joy to a cat who is his greatest fan

Together with the variety of notes, expenses, and boxes he usually falls off along his road each and every day, this specific postal worker provides something far more warmly earned.

He brings happiness to Blimp, a handsome cat. Every monday at around the very same time, a man in blue would appear at the front door and fall mail through the mailbox .

When the postman realized Blimp had created a game out of his routine deliveries, he began to make that moment even more enjoyable for himself.

From there, an endearing relationship flourished. «Blimp stands by the door, and when he sees the postman walking along the street, he runs to the door!»

The cat gets a big, pleased lift when the postman arrives with his deliveries, which have been skillfully placed with Blimp in mind.

Introducing a little joy to a sample cat on his pathway is no longer convinced an amusing highpoint of the postman’s morning as well. Jafe can’t help but smile as he watches them enjoy their lovely routine.

«I appreciate their relationship,» Jafe said. «And now I have a friendship with the postman as well.»

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