Everyone is astonished by a dog’s amazing trick

Koko is a spitz canine who has dominated an amazing stunt.

The canine can turn her head 180 degrees and lives in New Zealand with her loved ones.

Koko has been doing this unusual action since she was a puppy, but it was taught to her by her mother when she said the word «Demon.»

Instead of tilting his head to the side as a typical dog would, Koko twists his neck backwards, as if she prefers to see the world from the perspective of a dog.

Her mother is pretty pleased of her pet puppy, despite the trick making it appear as if the general norms of biology have failed.

When Koko is on his back, he twists his neck backwards to keep his human mother’s attention.

Ashle decided to improve her trick after a series of images of the dog doing the peculiar behavior drew widespread attention.

Koko now executes her act every time she gives him the command, and she isn’t pleased with that; she also insists on destroying the group shots.

Koko has this trait, but he only uses it to communicate with you.

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